Home Style by City

Ideas and Inspiration from Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen

the book is written by Swedish writer, stylist and photographer Ida Magntorn. This is a book for those of us who get inspired by different cities and lifestyles, or for those of us who just want to take a peek into another way of living!

Intro :

Explore the world's most stylish and eclectic residences in this inspired armchair décor guide. Home Style by City captures the essence of five design-forward cities, featuring gorgeously decorated homes from each that reflect local style and inspire internationally. Part city tour?including must-visit flea markets, bits of colorful history, and curated lists of music, books, and films?and part design resource for achieving the various looks, this refreshing perspective on décor shows how cities themselves impact interiors. Illuminating text invites readers into page after page of lavishly photographed interiors, offering deceptively simple transitions and insider tips to bring the look into any space. Visually rich and totally inspiring, Home Style by City is a treasure for lovers of design, travel, and, of course, big city dreams.( by chronicle books)


More photos from lived in apartments in a handful of cities:




Los Angeles

New York

Inspired? Have the most beautiful day.

With love, Anette B

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41, Oslo

Jeg er utdannet jurist fra universitetet i Bergen og Aix-en Provence og har jobbet som politiadvokat i mange år. I vår utdannet jeg meg til interiørinnreder ved norsk interiørskole og hoppet over til ny karriere som innreder og stylist i oktober 2014 fordi jeg hadde lyst til å gjøre noe annet . Jeg jobber selvstendig og for firmaet At Wallpaper. Ellers er jeg mamma til verdens beste datter. Jeg blogger om jobben og om ting som inspirerer meg.